The smell of Cheesecake in the air, a dailymile post, and some photos:

Will Run for Cheesecake! mi 00:44 11:06 pace

Nephew was on the trails at Juan Bautista for XC practice, so I decided to hit the roads around the area so as to not crowd the trails with his teammates. I had mapped out a route and planned to do 2 loops of a 2 mile loop. It was fun to explore a semi new area to run. The second loop was the best, I was warmed up, legs felt great and the smell of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake was in the air…literally…the corporate office and I guess bakery are along this route. Smelled so yummy. Came back to the park to cool down and wait for the kiddo. Enjoyed the sunshine and breeze.

Time for bed. Back to the trails tomorrow. I’m going to miss these afternoons when his XC practice moves to mornings for a while. ;-(

Backbone Trail - Kanan To Corral (almost) and back

Another great section of the Backbone trail to run/hike today. I had not been on this section before. Already quite warm at the start but a lovely shady canopy helped me stay cool for the first part and again on the way back but in between it was a hot one. Luckily I missed the adventures of the sting bees or wasps. We had some in our group get stung. I did however take a tumble at the end coming back down to Kanan. At least no one saw me and no broken bones, so it was all good. Happy to have this one done. Still it’s such a beautiful trail and some great views.

DailyMile stats:

greatBackbone Trail - Kanan to Corral (almost) 11.88 mi 03:15 16:25 pace

We then headed over to Lady Face to grab some food and watch the World Cup Final. I figured between the fall and the World Cup I deserved the mac and cheese and a glass or 2 (there might have been more) of wine. 

Well it’s time for bed and maybe a Tylenol PM to help ease the pain from the tumble. I’m really hoping on running again tomorrow when I take my nephew to XC practice. I’ll know more in the AM. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Super fun evening

Short and sweet.

Had a great time at the pub run tonight:

Here’s the Dailymile recap

Firsty Thursday Pub Run 3.01 mi 00:32 10:39 pace

Started off super strong and then my breathing became labored over some of the hills. Still finished stronger than I felt so happy with that. Although the last tenth of a mile a bad side stitch almost made me stop dead in my tracks but I wanted at least 3 miles so I kept going…;-) Super fun evening after at the Lab “pub”. I even won a pair of men’s socks but gave them away as I could not use them and they were too small for hubby.

Seabass with orecchiette pasta in artichoke and lemon cream and artichoke tapenade. #running #pubrun #futuretrack

Seabass with orecchiette pasta in artichoke and lemon cream and artichoke tapenade. #running #pubrun #futuretrack

Running to hubby….and more

I didn’t have the best night’s sleep so I opted to sleep in a little more while Robb headed out for his long run…well despite cuddling with Matilda I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Since I was up I thought it might be fun to run till I saw him and then run back home with him…left late so only a short run. 

Here’s the Dailymile stats and a bit more:

Running to hubby 2.14 mi 00:27 12:47 pace

I should have left earlier to try and run back with Robb B. on his long run this morning. I slept in a little and then headed out so only got in a couple of miles with him. Felt good for the most part and other than a quick stop because of hacking I almost made it to the top of our big hill without stopping.

Here’s the more: 

I put a little more life into living this weekend so back to #NSNG (no sugar, no grains) tomorrow. Back to the basics Vinnie style…”fat shakes” or bacon deviled eggs for breakfast, salads for lunch, nuts and cheese and a little fruit for snacks and meat and veggies for dinner. As of Friday I was down to 128 but didn’t weight myself this morning…that’s 20lbs lost since February and about 15 of those in the first 3 months…slow and steady but the weight is staying off. Big thanks to Vinnie Tortorich!! He may only be a P.E. coach is some people’s eye but rocks it as far as I’m concerned. I encourage anyone struggling to lose weight to check him out, listen to a few podcasts, get informed and give it a try. I’ve found the Timothy Noakes interview to be one of the best but there are so many great interviews he’s done. I will say he can be crude but always informative and a good listen for sure. 

A little bit more:
Onto running: It looks to be a hot week so I’ll run at work which is along the beach and try and get 3 runs in this week. One will be a fun pub run on Thursday up where we live so that will be a warm one even at 6:00pm. Not sure about the long runs for the weekend…time will tell. 

Speaking of time…it’s time to hit the hay as work unfortunately calls in the morning.

It was a super great long weekend. Happy Birthday America!

Another great day in this greatest nation on God’s green earth. 

Happy July 4th!! 4 miles for the Fourth!

I decided to go ahead and get out the door and go for a run for a couple of reasons. Well the trail run I was going to do after work yesterday never happened…too hot. Then this morning we were supposed to sleep in and sure enough we were both up by 6am. Okay time to hit the road and get a few miles in to make up for the lost ones yesterday and then get back to a special breakfast hubby was cooking for me. 

I mentioned the City Trails app by Salomon in one of my last posts and decided to go ahead and signup and see what it was all about….well it was a semi-fail….I did manage to register, login and start the run but some where along the way at about 1.7 miles it stopped recording the run. Kind of bummed but I’ll give it a go again. So far no trail nor road runs have even been added to the area I live in, so I’m going to see if I can change that. 

Now as far as the run…it went great…I didn’t have a clear idea of where I wanted to go except that I wanted to do about 4 miles. So I’m cruising down the road and come to a point where I have to decide where I’m going to go. I opted to check out the progress on our Lindero Canyon Bridge overpass since I heard they were going to have a nice new bike/pedestrian path and lucky for me it was open. They still need to remove the fencing and finish off the other side of the bridge but it’s coming along quite nicely. I’ll be super pleased when it’s all done since it was kind of a hairy area for biking/running.

So I haven’t even mentioned what made the run even better and quite special… I’m about at the halfway point and running down one of the main roads of our town and I start to see all the patriotic ribbons and American flags adorning the fences and trees along the road. Just made me feel so proud. 

Now to tackle the hills which I did and I made back to the house for a nice breakfast waiting for me including a nice mimosa. Cheers and Happy Fourth!! 

Ooops Forgot the data from Dailymile:
 mi 00:46 11:28 pace

Lunch Run…and more

Almost didn’t go out again for a run, but as usual felt great after. I figured I would run at lunch since we’ve had June gloom extend into July at the beach and it would be hotter up where we live. I figured lower temps with more humidity and breeze versus hot, less humid and no breeze. A big soaking shirt is what I got but I had another great run nonetheless. 

Here are the Dailymile stats:

Humid Hueneme 3.16 mi 00:32 10:07 pace

A super humid run this afternoon at lunch. It’s amazing how great a run you can have when you take 2 days off. Felt so good.

Tomorrow I will run after work on trails this time and put in 6 miles I’m hoping, especially if they let us go a bit early tomorrow for the holiday. It will be hot but all good training. I think it’s good to mix it up.  

Oh and I downloaded the CityTrails app from Salomon and I might check out how to add a course to our area since there aren’t any now. So if I have phone/camera for that I should be able to take a few pics for a post tomorrow night about my run. 

Beachy Lunch Run

From Dailymile:

I almost bagged this one…but I tell you…I never regret going out once I’m done….it’s getting out of the cubicle that’s the hard part. I had a great little run. Felt so energized after…carried me the rest of the day! Love those endorphins! Weather: Made it back before the sun broke through the clouds….yippee for cooler beach runs!

Stats:  3.14 mi 00:33 10:26 pace

Well tomorrow I go out again and this time my nephew might join me. He said he wanted to go for a run…just hope he doesn’t leave me in the dust!!

Time for bed…sweet dream tumblrland!

A few pictures from today’s hike/walk/run in Malibu Creek State Park

Here’s the Dailymile details:

Malibu Creek State Park - Reagan Ranch 4.67 mi 01:21 17:26 pace

I felt pretty good and was getting nicely warmed up when hubby had to call it quits. Truth be told I wasn’t sure I was up for the Bulldog Loop (15+miles) today anyway although it would have been great. So ramp up again this week and get a nice long run in next weekend and then taper for the San Francisco Marathon.

I made hubby pose at the M.A.S.H. site …he was a good sport…not a good day for him. 

Adventure Run with my girl Tia!! Raffle time now and then grub @cronies