Every Day is National Dog Day in the Boyle household!! We love our Matilda!! 

Another XC Run…this time in Chesebro…keep it simple…my Dailymile post…

My last “run with Thomas” during his XC practice. This time we started at Old Agoura Park and then ran a trail I had not been on before. Lots of another HS - Oak Park XC team runners coming back as I was going up and they were so nice, saying hello and good afternoon. Nice to see the young folk being thoughtful. Decided to split off and do a loop up to the Ridge Trail and back down to Old Agoura Park. Felt cool at times but muggy and humid too. Strange weather indeed.

Chesebro Canyon 6.8 mi 01:23 12:08 pace

Last part of the ridge trail I ran was so chalky that my shoes and legs were covered in dust…kind of fun ;-)    Run Happy…time for bed. Tomorrow a rest day and then back to lunchtime runs! 

Ginger Salmon with Wasabi mashed potatoes

Ginger Salmon with Wasabi mashed potatoes

Happy 13th Birthday Tia!!

These are a few of my favorite pictures of my niece Tia.
She is one of the most amazing people I know and she only turned 13 today. She’s one of a kind and I feel so blessed I have her in my life. I have a feeling she’s going rock the world! Love you lots my dear Tia!!

Bacon, Lettuce, avocado & tomato sandwich!

Bacon, Lettuce, avocado & tomato sandwich!

Shuffle Challenge

I was tagged by robbsrunning to reveal the first 11 songs that show up when I hit shuffle on my iPod. 

Rules: Hit shuffle on your music player of choice (or player on computer) and list the first 11 songs. No skipping!

Here goes:

1. All Fired Up - Pat Benatar
2. Come & Get It - Selena Gomez
3. My Body - Young the Giant
4. Best Day of My Life - American Authors
5. I’m not Calling You A Liar - Florence + The Machine
6. Animal - Neon Trees
7. Teeth - Lady Gaga
8. Sloom - Of Monsters and Men
9. Take a Walk - Passion Pit
10. The Walker - Fitz & The Tantrums
11. Mercy - Duffy F. The Game 

Kind of crazy what came up and some songs I really like didn’t but so it goes. 

I know I should tag some folks…but I’m not…anyway I’d love it if anyone would like to offer up their songs that would be awesome! Time for some lunch and then off to get the nephew and do some shopping for the niece’s birthday which is tomorrow!! She’ll officially be a teenager!! 

XC Team Car Wash Fundraiser…Tom trying to avoid me taking his picture.

XC Team Car Wash Fundraiser…Tom trying to avoid me taking his picture.

Sunset Hills - Lollipop Anniversary XC Loop

Just a few pictures to join along the notes from my Dailymile post:
Sunset Hills Lollipop Loop 3.96 mi 00:56 14:07 pace

A somewhat decent run today in the same area as my nephews XC team practice. Took me a little bit to get going and it seemed a lot warmer than I thought it was as I was sweating a bunch. Happy to be done and off to get home to Robb B. to celebrate our anniversary!!

Running to the Beach - XC Run with nephew Thomas 
Sycamore Canyon- Santa Monica Mountains,  Thousand Oaks, CA

I thought it would be fun to join Thomas on his Saturday XC run to the beach and when my sister offered to pick us up after it became a certainty. I thought this run would go a lot easier than it did because I’ve run this route a few times the past couple of years and it’s pretty much flat. However, the previous 2 days I had some tummy issues. So by Saturday morning I was starving and I decided to have a whole bagel instead of a simple banana and maybe half a bagel before the run. Well I think it was too many carbs and that effects my heart, which is to  say the least not good for running but I thought running would help get the insulin going and get the sugar dispersed throughout my body but no such luck. I just felt like such a drag and to top it off we didn’t take off till 9am so it was already getting warm. I plugged along though and I did manage to catch up with a few of the stragglers of the XC team and even one of the coaches despite adding another mile by going a different route. So yippee for me!!  I was so happy to see the beach. They wouldn’t let the kids cross PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) which was prudent so I figured I would go under the road and reach the beach that way as well. I immediately took my shoes off and headed down a short trail to the sand, under the road and headed straight for the water. it felt so amazing. I dropped my stuff off at a table and then headed back to the water. I love the beach! It was an amazingly beautiful day. My nephew found me a little but later and then we headed out to get to the road to get picked up. A great run despite it feeling a lot harder than it should have. 

Stats: 9.19 mi 01:56 12:35 pace

I didn’t really have a lot of time to stop and take pictures on our run today as I was trying to keep up. Took me a little longer to warm up. Thanks Mo for the smile for the semi-candid shot. Great turn out of runners and lots of yummy treats to share after.

Heres the Dailymile recap and stats:

Wildwood Box Canyon Loop 6.3 mi 01:22 13:02 pace

Another great run with CVTR and nice to see and run with with some new faces. I was a little slow to start but finished strong. The best part Robb B. made bacon cinnamon rolls that we enjoyed with mimosas after the run. Cool, humid, and foggy glasses.