Juan Bautista De Anza Park 4.08 mi 00:56 13:37 pace

Robb B. and I decided that we’d hit the trails after work and then grab a bite to eat after. Hubby took me on another part of this trail that I had not been on before and it was quite nice!! Will have to do that one again! oh and we saw a deer family too…papa, mama and baby!! Dinner on the patio at Wolf Creek was also super enjoyable ;-

okay time to spend some quality time with hubby before he does R2R2R this weekend ;-) love ya babe!! you can do it!!! 

Running with Pruners on Windmill Trail 3.18 mi 00:39 12:22 pace

Robb B. and I didn’t make the group run this morning due to a crappy night’s rest so we opted to run later in the day. We took separate routes and I decided to head to the trails by our house and a “trail” up the road to our house. It really is only a small path next to the guardrail. I’ve run up it many times and noticed it needed some “pruning” so I took me shears ;-) Turns out the path is in pretty good shape. I decided on another go around so I could see how far up the hill I could get without stopping and I only made it half way. I’m okay with that since I’ve only done a handful of runs since the Ventura Half 3 weeks ago. More training this week as my hectic work schedule will finally let up.

So that’s my post from Dailymile and it sums up my run today. I forgot to mention that I’m going to need to go back to the trail as it seems to have been a party spot most likely the kids at the local high school who didn’t bother to pick up their trash. So I will go from Coastal Cleanup to Trail Cleanup in the coming week. Maybe have my niece and nephew help ;-)

On another note it will be another busy week ahead but it should allow for a few more runs. Hubby and I have a run planned for Wednesday plus a cool spot we will go after, which we will post later. Anyway I need to get back to some good training and better food choices after the last week of birthday celebrations and excuses to eat crap. But on the plus side only up a pound…so not as bad as I would have thought. Food doesn’t seem to rule me as much as it used to. I know when I’m full. Plus I feel so much better with NSNG ( No Sugars, No grains) ooh and I forgot I heard about some Paleo bread on the Vinnie show and decided to buy some. Well after quite the search I found it and even given the 10.99 price per loaf, I’m going to give it a try. Breakfast seems to be the hardest meal for me because I mostly don’t eat any grains but love my bread so much. I love my deviled eggs but I’m getting burned out on them and the smoothies  have a little more carbs than I would like even thought they are the better vegetable and fruit kind. Time for sleep 

Birthday Celebration - Day 2 - Thursday September 25

Since hubby was off for the day we decided to head up to Santa Barbara for my mental health “sick day” and continue the birthday celebration from the night before. My first thoughts were to go to Pence Ranch (winery I had visited in April) but it looks like they only open on occasion so we had to come up with a plan B.

We quickly looked at the map and pulled up a few wineries that we had not been to before and came upon Demetria. We first almost missed the sign/driveway and then we thought we might never get there after a long and winding road took us at least 2 miles where we finally arrived at the tasting room. As we entered the tasting room, a winery worker asked if we had an appointment. I guess they only do tastings by appointment. I thought oh lets hope we can make this work, it was a long drive up and also a long way to get to the winery, but the gentleman was very kind and grabbed us a pair of glasses and brought us the first sampling. Hubby in the meantime had set all the goodies out on a table in the patio area: we had a variety of cheeses, salami, hummus and carrots. We sipped our tastings, talked and enjoyed each other’s company. It was nice to get away for the day where the day didn’t revolve around some running adventure or race. ;-)

We decided on a few bottles of wine to take home and then took off for Los Olivos where I wanted to take hubby to Saarloos and Sons and also to get some Enjoy Cupcakes. So we got a sampling of cupcakes and wines to taste. They are so yummy and I was happy to finally have a little birthday cupcake even if it was a day late. We took a little longer than we wanted with the cupcakes, but it was such an enjoyable day. At the same time we had to get back or traffic would just be awful and we wanted to see our dear friends beautiful daughter who was born early that very morning. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!! Thanks hubby!!

Happy 4.7th Birthday Run

It’s been a hectic week so I’m just now getting to post my birthday run from Wednesday. I decided to head to a new favorite trail that I discovered over the summer when I was running with my nephew’s XC team over the summer. I started off  strong and then just seemed to fade a bit. It might have been the 3 glasses of wine I had the night before or the feeling like I was catching a cold. Maybe both or just tired from long work hours. Given all those circumstances I was happy to finish. Also on the positive side I was happy to be outside and enjoying the fresh air and enjoying the sights. The best part was getting home to a wonderful hubby!! 

Dailymile stats:

Happy 4.7th B-day Wildwood Run 4.7 mi 01:09 14:46 pace 

I’ll post our winery pics from yesterday tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to work in the AM and I best get to bed!!

Birthday cupcakes all for me…well hubby too. Did i mention wine too

Birthday cupcakes all for me…well hubby too. Did i mention wine too

Heal the Bay - Coastal Clean Up - September 20, 2014

Hubby’s school was doing a field trip for the Coastal Cleanup and we invited our niece to come along so she could get some volunteer hours. Then hubby just wasn’t feeling up to venturing out so I decided to take Tia anyway. It was actually quite a fun day despite one thinking that picking up trash isn’t the best way to spend your time. 

At first we walked just a little way down the path and found some nice benches, which I guess attracts a lot of people who feel like they can just leave their trash behind. Found a tub of Clairol conditioning cream tubes, 3 large Budlight cans, and a Shock Top bottle and our little bucket was almost full. We headed back, marked our stuff on a collection survey sheet and headed back out. This time we took a second bucket. We made it to the beach and that’s where I found a busted up surfboard. I took that back and then Tia and I headed to a little island in the lagoon area where we found the remains of a mom and baby seal, so sad.

A bit bummed by what we saw we headed off the island and headed to the Pier area. By this time there were more and more people and it was harder to find trash, which is a good thing. We finally made it past the Pier and found a bunch of large boulders and rocks that secure the shore, which seem to be a big magnet for trash. A lot of it unfortunately was out of reach. Next time bring grabbers!! Before long it was time to head back. We almost didn’t make it back in time. We recorded our findings as quickly as we could so the volunteers could wrap things up. Nice to be done and off to grab some lunch as we were getting quite hungry.  

All in all a super great event and I found it cool that my niece and some of the other students I saw were really taking this event and task seriously. Hope next year hubby can join us. 

Oh I decided to start the Garmin and track our mileage and it ended up being about 3.2 miles. Not bad!! A cleaner beach and some exercise. 

Off to bed now for an early group run!! 

Coastal Cleanup September 2014 - Malibu
Taking a quick break and heading back out to find more trash.

Coastal Cleanup September 2014 - Malibu
Taking a quick break and heading back out to find more trash.

Coastal Cleanup

Coastal Cleanup

Flashback Friday - Ragnar Napa Valley - September 2012

In honor of the Ragnar Napa happening today up in Napa I though I’d post some photos of the relay we did 2 years ago. Napa is probably one of my favorite Ragnars we have done. We also did as an Ultra team! Crazy!! 

If you want to read the original race recap and see even more photos click here

Happy Aloha Friday!!! 

Ventura Half Marathon Race Recap

What a great day! I was lucky enough to get a bib from my sister’s friend at the last minute to run the half marathon. We knew a few of our friends would be running but I had no idea just how many of our running friends would be there on Sunday. On our way to the potty we ran into Michelle aka westcoastrunner  and her friend Mary who was running her very first half marathon!! Yippee! I sure wish we had taken a picture together as that was about all we would see of them…maybe next time you’re in Cali or when we are in PDX.
After that I found my sister’s friend and then my sister and got my bib and timing chip and without much time we headed to the start line where we saw our Galloway group, the first running group Robb and I joined back in 2011. It was so lovely to see these ladies as I often reminisce about the great long runs we had as the miles just seemed to fly by when I ran with them. Miss those days! We then found our way into a corral and were the last ones before they pulled the tape for the next corral to go. So I’m running along and then I run into Becky, a friend from high school who i reconnected with a few years back at some local running races. We chatted for a few minutes and then I was on my way. The course was flat and I felt great. Soon enough I hear my name shouted out and it was Michelle!! So nice to hear a Cheer for me!! It didn’t stop there. More and more friends and my sis too shouted out my name as we ran by each other as we had a few out and backs along the course. Saw Vera, our running coach from Galloway too. Just before that I was stopped along the bridge to take a picture and another runner was kind enough to offer to take my picture. So nice of her!! Soon after that I saw my Sole Runners, Stacey and Brian. Another running group we belong too. What a nice surprise to see them. So I’m plugging along and have about a mile and half to go and some of the fastest marathoners are now passing the half marathoners. It kind of got me pumped to finish strong and I did despite some hamstring tightness. I knew I was on PR pace so I kept plugging away just to see how much of a PR I could get. This is where having music for me just makes it all come together. Half a mile to go or so said our friend Rafael, but it was actually less than that for which I was grateful. Again I hear my name called out and it’s Shari from MIM (Moms in Motion) We met last year at Malibu Creek State Park, where I offered to take a group photo at the Mash site. I was nicknamed Ragnar girl (the shirt I was wearing) for a few months till we knew each other’s name ;-) Well the MIM’s were out in full force cheering on their moms and all the runners! It was awesome! I then see hubby and he’s got his camera ready to take my picture as I near the finish line. So nice to see his smile. I cross the finish and he’s already found me and gives me a hug and kiss and says Congrats on the PR babe!! I grabbed a few things to eat and then we waited for my sister and any of our friends who hadn’t finished already to cross. We missed westcoastrunner unfortunately but saw my sister cross. I took a pic but she’d kill me if I posted as it’s not that flattering. Anyway a few more friends came through and finally we said it’s time to get some grub and get ourselves home. I couldn’t have asked for a better day; fun reunions, supportive and cheering friends, a short and sweet tumblr meet up, an awesome sister, pretty decent weather and a wonderful hubby at the finish. I’m a lucky girl. 

All in all the race organizers did a good job. The start area was not too crowded and had lots of porta potties, which is a plus. Corral system seemed to work spreading out the runners at the start. The course itself offered nice views and adequate aid stations. Volunteers were awesome as always and a police force doing their best with traffic control to keep the drivers from getting frustrated and protecting us at the same time. Oh and a great after party at the beach, which we did not stay for but looked like it would be fun to check out. Plus the beach…what more could you want. 

Oh and the stats: PR by 7 minutes :-)

Distance:13.17 miTime:2:22:37Avg Pace:10:50 min/miElevation Gain:58 ftCalories:1,478 C